Feeling as Free as a Bird Rogue River Rafting

When you travel the Oregon, you simply do not want to miss the feeling you get to experience with Rogue River Rafting Nothing beats feeling as free as a bird where you can smell the sweet odors coming from the raft you are on and the freshness associated with the spray from the rapids. After all, you should be venturing out on the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River, accompanied by Orange Torpedo Trips river guides.

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Here is where you will experience the perfect blend of wildlife and wilderness while being surrounded by flowing water. During the month of June, you will experience some of the best aha moments due to the playfulness of the friendly Rogue River, making its way towards the Oregon Coast.

Needless to say, wildlife abounds as you’ll witness black bear, Osprey, deer and other animals who thrive in this congressionally Wild & Scenic River ecosystem. You can look forward to comfortable water temperatures that make that you want to plunge in, splash and play to your heart’s content.

June through to August is the ideal time to engage in multi-day trips with seasoned outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips.

Day one starts with a safety orientation to ensure everyone involved understands what is expected of them. All this happens while the other river guide packs all the rafting gear needed for the trip. You will receive a welcome introduction to how the river works before lunchtime. Your afternoon hours will be spent splashing your way through class II and class III rapids. One of the Rogue lodges will await you at the end of your first day where you will receive a scrumptious dinner served in the cozy atmosphere of the lodge dining room.

Day two will greet you with a freshly brewed coffee to awaken your senses around 7 am, and a hearty breakfast to follow soon after that. Your personal gear will be transported to the boats that are already prepared for your next adventure. Now is your chance to experience various playful rapids throughout this joyful day, accompanied by guys who are an absolute pleasure to be with. Part of the day may involve some hiking so you can explore a bit of Rogue history along the way. We guarantee that you will chatter a heck of a lot at the end of the second day due to plenty of adventure and lots of excitement. But, that is to be expected after so much fun.

Day three is when you will encounter the best part of the multi-day trip on the Rogue River. You will paddle your way through class II and III rapids like Grave Creek Falls, Wildcat, Tyee, and the Coffee Pot as well as a few class IV rapids. Most of these rapids are lengthened out by calmer waters. Just when you think there is more to come, you will be transported to your lodge for the evening where yet another delicious meal will await you together with good wine and laughter.

Day Four is pure bliss as you will still encounter a couple of raging torrents and experience real relaxation during calmer rapids. It is also a time to reflect on your adventures the last couple of days and enjoy the fantastic natural scenery all around you such as the lush forestry and rich wildlife of the Rogue.

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What a Typical Day on the Rogue Looks Like

As can be expected, a typical day on board your raft with Orange Torpedo Trips will include loads of rafting, stopping for scenic adventures, bathroom breaks, delicious lunch, and a couple of playful swimming activities. Chatting with fellow rafters and learning from experienced river guides make up a huge part of your daily trip and makes for an unforgettable experience. It sure is a case of letting the good times roll.

Remember that it is not for nothing that the Rogue River is designated the title of being wild and scenic. Say nothing more.

The setting and pace of rafting adventures like these are nothing short of amazing and gives you something you won’t find with any other vacation. Speak to Orange Torpedo Trips today on 800 – 635 – 2925 today to book your next rafting adventure. Also, check them out here: orangetorpedo.com/rogue-river-rafting/

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